Sunday, September 18, 2011

About Cat

Animal intelligent, smart, loving, observant, independent ... These are just some of the many adejtivos we could use to try to define the cat. William of Aquitaine once said that "the body and life style he wanted, so he turned into a cat." A phrase that perfectly defines the style and the delicacy of the cats. is a portal from which you can discover everything about the world of cats: food items, hygiene and health tips to prevent disease, feline curiosity ... a host of material for you to discover everything with the big cats of small size.
And if you just buy a cat and do not know how you take care, also wants be of help, as it gives you guidelines for feeding, hygiene, health ... And, of course, you give advice to train your cat to behave at home as a real example.
Of course find lots of information on cat breeds, both domestic cats. Here you will find articles of races as well known as Persian cats or Siamese cats. But you can also find features or customs of hunting endangered animals such as lynx or animals are as legendary as the Pumas. All accompanied by great photos.
Because the photos are very important. In find a large number of photos of cats. Photos beautiful, heartwarming, ...
We also want to thank this page you can contact and interact with other cat lovers like you. Through the forum you can expose your doubts, your opinions, advice or experiences that we all learn more and find out a bit more of this friend as unknown as it is sometimes our cat.
pictures of cats

And we can not forget those characters who have made a hole in the entertainment industry and have become famous. Cats like Garfield, Sylvester, Felix the Cat or Puss in Boots also have a place in Here I know a little more and you can download photos, pictures, wallpapers and animated gifs of them all.
"God made the cat to give man the pleasure of petting a tiger." VICTOR HUGO.

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