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The Persian cat falls Turkish Angora cat, and its origin is geographically situated in the area of ancient Persia (now Iran) and Ankara in Turkey. Hence its name.
The current Persian cats emerged in England in the nineteenth century, the product of cross between purebred Persian cat (from Persia), which was introduced into Europe through Italy and the white Turkish Angora. In this way we obtained a silky hair colors multiplied mantle. The Persian has evolved more plump and less slender and with larger eyes, more like a native of Iran.
As we know it today is an artificially created race, the result of a careful selection from the nineteenth century. It was in this century, when copies begin to export to England and France, where it caught on and from which spread to the United States.
Physical Characteristics
The Persian cat has a compact, rounded and muscular, with a sturdy bone structure. The legs are short and thick. The length of a Persian cat is usually between 40 to 50 cm plus tail 25-30 cm and 30 cm in height.
It has a thick coat, heavy, long and silky, with a well populated tail hair and slightly rounded in the end.
His head is big, wide and round, protruding cheeks, short nose, small ears, rounded, widely separated from each other and with tufts of long hair and big eyes, round and wide.
The variety of colors Persian race is huge. The color in one color must be matched, intense and without tones, like black, white, purple, red, cream ... can also have combinations of colors, as is the case of bicolor or harlequin. Character Persian Cat The Persian cat is a cat sweet, very quiet and peaceful temperament. In fact some people called the "tiger couch" because of its peaceful nature. It has a great need for affection and requires frequent displays of affection by their masters. It is very sleepy. And loves to throw compliments on her beauty. Great observer and not very expressive. Completely lacks the hunting instinct, which is surprising in a cat.

Gato persa
Persian Breed