Saturday, November 27, 2010

Siamese cats

Siamese cats often have an important role in the funerals of Thai kings in previous centuries. They were placed inside the tomb and when they went through a hole (made for this purpose), it was said that the monarch's soul entered the cat. Then he took the cat to the coronation of new king, in order that the former king could witness the possession of his successor.
Physical Traits
The Siamese is a medium size. Its body is long and slender. The legs are long and slender, while the rears are slightly higher than the front. The tail is long and tapering towards the tip.
The head is long and well proportioned. Cat with erect ears, large and broad at the base. The eyes are almond shaped, slanted, widely spaced and always blue, a very intense color.
The Siamese cat hair is short, shiny and smooth texture. Character is a very sensitive cat and also quite nervous. It has a great personality in addition to possessing an inexhaustible humor is quite jealous and demanding. His meow is characteristic of this breed, as it is very hoarse. Care This breed is prone to mental disorders if the cat is not treated properly. Brushing in this race depends on the characteristics of the cat: if of  short coat does not require excessive care. With a weekly brushing will be more than enough. Instead, a cat with long fur requires a thorough brushing every 2 or 3 days. The cat is a carnivore diet, and should be composed of a high percentage of protein. But beware of the status of your feeder, do not feel comfortable, if he dismisses any unusual odor or smell. PHOTOS Siamese cats

Siamese cat