Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Himalayan Cat

breed's name comes from the resemblance it presents its color pattern with that found in the Himalayan rabbit. This breed is the result of crossing Siamese with Persian cat. Therefore, the Himalayan is a Siamese cat as colored, but has the characteristic features of the Persian race. This combination of features gives a real look of elegance.

Physical Features
Race Persian Himalayan has features such as round head, of solid appearance, on a short neck and wide. The flat, wide nose, small ears and tilted forward and the wide body with short legs.
The features that have the Siamese are the colored dots and blue eyes. In addition, you can make most of the Siamese colors: gray seal, blue or purple, all stained. Character is a companion cat, affectionate, very smart and comfortable. Not usually meow. Does not require much space, is ideal for an apartment and as a companion for children. Enjoy home life but is considered a good hunter. Care You must pay close attention to his beautiful coat. Brush his coat daily with a metal comb, so as to eliminate clutter and keep your hair strong and shiny. Also, bathe the cat once or twice a month. With this we will prevent one of the most common ailments in cats with long hair: hair balls.
Himalayan cat
Himalayan cat breed