Friday, May 27, 2011


is a race that arises from a mutation of curly hair that occurred in Devon in 1960.
In contrast to the Sphynx, Devon Rex's present all over the body with a lint (hair care) similar to the peach touch.
Devon Rex

The body of the Devon Rex is similar to Siamese, skinny, but muscular and slightly arched back. The legs are long and thin, and the later are higher than before.
The head is triangular. It's like a wedge from the front, marked a three curves: the outside of the ears, cheekbones and whisker pads.
The tail is long, thin, with curly hair.
The coat of this breed is fine curly silky but character is a cat Noble, affectionate, playful, sensitive, quiet, independent and intelligent. And unlike what you might think, race is not a delicate, perfectly suited to both apartments and houses with gardens. Care The main attention we pay is the mantle. To do this we must pass the mantle sporadically flannel glove to keep it shiny. also bathe regularly to avoid accumulation of fat in the hair with oil-based shampoo or baby naturally.

Devon Rex Cat
Devon Rex Breed