Sunday, March 27, 2011

CAT Japanese Bobtail

We face a very old race in his home country, Japan. His name, "bobtail" (tailed) is because his tail is about 10-12 cm only. Furthermore, as is coiled, with abundant hair in all directions, like a pompón.En Japan, it is considered that copies of color and white tortoiseshell bring good luck.
Bobtail Japonés
Its tail can measure 8 to 10 cm., although some reach up to 12cm in length, but is coiled, like the rabbit. The tail, which distinguishes them is similar to the stubby Manx
cat's body is thin but this is endowed with good musculature. The cat hair is medium length.
The head of the Japanese Bobtail is almost an equilateral triangle. Its snout is rounded and have wide ears. Their eyes are large and oval. They can be any color to harmonize with coat. Character The Japanese Bobtail has a reputation for being a curious cat, affectionate, intelligent, lively. They like human company and have attractive personalities and voices soft. Care This breed is an ideal cat for the family since it adapts well to life at home and outdoors. By having a light coat only needs a light brushing daily maintain the conditions of the hair. We must draw on plenty of fish in the diet.
Gato Bobtail Japonés

Japanese Race BOBTAIL