Thursday, January 27, 2011


The origin of the Angora is Turkey. Its name comes from the city of Angora (now Ankara).
There, the white copies, called Ankara kedi, are considered the traditional symbol of purity. To the Turkish people are true national treasures.

It has a slim, muscular hind legs are higher than the front.
The tail has a lot of hair and is usually lower than in the body. Root is also wide but finished in fine art,
has a small head and a pointed snout.
The ears are large and stiff, located quite high on the head and slightly pointed. The eyes are also large, oval and slightly slanted nature The Turkish Angora cat is an intelligent, active, loyal and affectionate. It's a cat that needs lots of love and great affection. It is a cat that likes water. It has a lively and extroverted character. It has a very independent nature and prefers to live with one person (despite accepting other family members). This situation is very common to have a family favorite, which he shows his affection, rubbing against his legs. Keep hunting instincts and loves to climb. In these situations shows his agility with smooth and precise movements.