Monday, December 27, 2010


Although the exact origin of the Abyssinian is unknown, is believed to breed comes from Ethiopia. This cat is probably one of the direct descendants of the sacred cat of Egypt.
It is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cat. The long-haired variety is called Abyssinian Cat Somali.
This race features a stylized figure. The Abyssinian's body is agile and muscular due to the intense activity that characterizes him. Her limbs are long and thin while its tail, heavy coat, it will refine as we approach the end.
It has a fine head with a firm chin. His ears, large and separate, they are not too sharp but rounded. The eyes are almond shaped and there may be units with green eyes, yellow or brown. Character The Abyssinian cat is gentle and loving and has a tireless energy and also has a predilection for the weakest of the house. Very agile and great intelligence, poorly adapted to a life without freedom. Hates loneliness, love and affection and is very curious touches. Care As a cat active feeding should provide all the necessary energy. As has short hair, simply brush it one day a week for the beautiful mottled coat shiny and smooth look.

Gato absinio
absinio cat breed