Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Balinese cat first issue appeared in America in the late forties. His birth is attributed to the crossing of two Siamese gene carriers long hair, probably inherited from an ancestor Angora.
Other experts say that this breed is a direct result of cross between Siamese and Angora.
The Balinese cat is a long body, equipped with good musculature. Her limbs are thin, and with the rear higher than front.
Her hair is long and thin as silk.
His head is long, with flat skull, muzzle and ears wide narrow, pointed. Her almond eyes and long thin tail, give it a very distinguished and mysterious aspect. nature Balinese Cat breed is very loyal to its owner. If you take a lot of love to one of the members of the family, is likely to show indifference to everyone else. She enjoys the outdoors. It is a cat expressive, friendly, intelligent, sociable and good for coexistence. But it is also little jealous and self-centered, making it impossible to live with other members of their species, except in some isolated cases. They also highlight its agile movements. It is an excellent climber and mountaineer. Care One of the basic care for the Balinese cat is brushed, at least once a week because your hair has a tendency to form knots and tangles. In times of change should be brushing once a day.

Balinese Cat