Sunday, September 18, 2011

About Cat

Animal intelligent, smart, loving, observant, independent ... These are just some of the many adejtivos we could use to try to define the cat. William of Aquitaine once said that "the body and life style he wanted, so he turned into a cat." A phrase that perfectly defines the style and the delicacy of the cats. is a portal from which you can discover everything about the world of cats: food items, hygiene and health tips to prevent disease, feline curiosity ... a host of material for you to discover everything with the big cats of small size.
And if you just buy a cat and do not know how you take care, also wants be of help, as it gives you guidelines for feeding, hygiene, health ... And, of course, you give advice to train your cat to behave at home as a real example.
Of course find lots of information on cat breeds, both domestic cats. Here you will find articles of races as well known as Persian cats or Siamese cats. But you can also find features or customs of hunting endangered animals such as lynx or animals are as legendary as the Pumas. All accompanied by great photos.
Because the photos are very important. In find a large number of photos of cats. Photos beautiful, heartwarming, ...
We also want to thank this page you can contact and interact with other cat lovers like you. Through the forum you can expose your doubts, your opinions, advice or experiences that we all learn more and find out a bit more of this friend as unknown as it is sometimes our cat.
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And we can not forget those characters who have made a hole in the entertainment industry and have become famous. Cats like Garfield, Sylvester, Felix the Cat or Puss in Boots also have a place in Here I know a little more and you can download photos, pictures, wallpapers and animated gifs of them all.
"God made the cat to give man the pleasure of petting a tiger." VICTOR HUGO.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


This race is named in honor of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, where it originates.
There are several legends of the race as Manx lost his tail. According to legend, Noah dropped the door of the ark in the cat's tail ... another legend says that a dog on the bit of it.
But the truth is more rational: a genetic mutation causes reduced tail , is a mutation in the gene is dominant in the lack of tail.
Considering the stories around the Manx, it is not surprising that the cat appears to be one of the oldest breeds.
Manx vise
The main feature as we have said is that it has no tail.
It has a muscular body with short back, rounded rump. The height of the hind legs is greater than the previous ones. Their claws are thin and round.
The Manx has a round head with prominent cheeks, broad nose and a firm mouth on a short, thick neck. The ears are wide open base and rounded tips. Are angled slightly outward.
The eyes are wide, round and shiny.
fur is short and double. The double coat makes the impression of being well padded and its quality is of much greater significance than the color. Character. The Manx is a very intelligent cat with a great sense of direction and strong character. He is very affectionate, friendly and tolerates the presence of other animals is also a very skilled hunter of rodents. Search is very affectionate and always accompanied by his owner. It is extremely agile and smooth motions. Care There is a very high mortality rate in puppies of the Manx, due to difficulties in the development of the column. But those who survive the first few days they become strong, healthy adults.

Manx Breed

Thursday, July 28, 2011


name comes from the state where it is native. And is that the Maine Coon breed is the only U.S. native. More specifically, as mentioned, the state of Maine. The breed was first discovered in 1861, but was not accepted until 1953.
maine coon

Physical Traits
The Maine Coon has a thick hair, short on the front legs and longer in the stomach and hind legs. Furthermore, the collar is very characteristic of hair on the neck.
It is a strong, muscular cat with a broad chest. Males are larger than females. It has a long tail, broad at the base tapering to reach the top. The Maine Coon cat weighs 14 kg. It has a large eye that can be of different colors. They may be green, gold, blue or even one eye of each color. Its broad head, but not great, ends in big ears, wide at base and pointed. Character is a cat who loves water. In fact, dabbles in it and even drink water with his paw. It is also a very observant and curious cat
gato maine coon
radius Maine Coon

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Himalayan Cat

breed's name comes from the resemblance it presents its color pattern with that found in the Himalayan rabbit. This breed is the result of crossing Siamese with Persian cat. Therefore, the Himalayan is a Siamese cat as colored, but has the characteristic features of the Persian race. This combination of features gives a real look of elegance.

Physical Features
Race Persian Himalayan has features such as round head, of solid appearance, on a short neck and wide. The flat, wide nose, small ears and tilted forward and the wide body with short legs.
The features that have the Siamese are the colored dots and blue eyes. In addition, you can make most of the Siamese colors: gray seal, blue or purple, all stained. Character is a companion cat, affectionate, very smart and comfortable. Not usually meow. Does not require much space, is ideal for an apartment and as a companion for children. Enjoy home life but is considered a good hunter. Care You must pay close attention to his beautiful coat. Brush his coat daily with a metal comb, so as to eliminate clutter and keep your hair strong and shiny. Also, bathe the cat once or twice a month. With this we will prevent one of the most common ailments in cats with long hair: hair balls.
Himalayan cat
Himalayan cat breed

Friday, May 27, 2011


is a race that arises from a mutation of curly hair that occurred in Devon in 1960.
In contrast to the Sphynx, Devon Rex's present all over the body with a lint (hair care) similar to the peach touch.
Devon Rex

The body of the Devon Rex is similar to Siamese, skinny, but muscular and slightly arched back. The legs are long and thin, and the later are higher than before.
The head is triangular. It's like a wedge from the front, marked a three curves: the outside of the ears, cheekbones and whisker pads.
The tail is long, thin, with curly hair.
The coat of this breed is fine curly silky but character is a cat Noble, affectionate, playful, sensitive, quiet, independent and intelligent. And unlike what you might think, race is not a delicate, perfectly suited to both apartments and houses with gardens. Care The main attention we pay is the mantle. To do this we must pass the mantle sporadically flannel glove to keep it shiny. also bathe regularly to avoid accumulation of fat in the hair with oil-based shampoo or baby naturally.

Devon Rex Cat
Devon Rex Breed

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Monastery Its name comes from "La Grande Chartreuse." The legend says that this monastery monastery in medieval times developed two notable contributions to the world: One was the green liquor, and the other, the Chartreux cat.
These cats were used to control the plague of rats in the monasteries and hospitals. During the Second World War the breed almost became extinct, but recovered by crossing Persians with British Blue.
The Chartreux is a big cat, big shouldered and muscular and well developed chest. It has some great legs.
The head is broad and angular, with short, straight nose with a small elevator, narrow snout with smiling expression. The ears are small, medium to set high and slightly rounded.
The copper-colored eyes is one of the main characteristics of this cat peaceful and quiet. Character is a very docile cat and very easy to take home . It adapts well to all kinds of situations. cats are very soft, supple and refined. They have many qualities such as strength, intelligence and kindness. It is a very affectionate cat. Care With this race we must bear in mind the food. It must be very balanced and very abundant and have a tendency to obesity (especially neutered cats).
gato chartreux
chartreux race

Sunday, March 27, 2011

CAT Japanese Bobtail

We face a very old race in his home country, Japan. His name, "bobtail" (tailed) is because his tail is about 10-12 cm only. Furthermore, as is coiled, with abundant hair in all directions, like a pompón.En Japan, it is considered that copies of color and white tortoiseshell bring good luck.
Bobtail Japonés
Its tail can measure 8 to 10 cm., although some reach up to 12cm in length, but is coiled, like the rabbit. The tail, which distinguishes them is similar to the stubby Manx
cat's body is thin but this is endowed with good musculature. The cat hair is medium length.
The head of the Japanese Bobtail is almost an equilateral triangle. Its snout is rounded and have wide ears. Their eyes are large and oval. They can be any color to harmonize with coat. Character The Japanese Bobtail has a reputation for being a curious cat, affectionate, intelligent, lively. They like human company and have attractive personalities and voices soft. Care This breed is an ideal cat for the family since it adapts well to life at home and outdoors. By having a light coat only needs a light brushing daily maintain the conditions of the hair. We must draw on plenty of fish in the diet.
Gato Bobtail Japonés

Japanese Race BOBTAIL

Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Balinese cat first issue appeared in America in the late forties. His birth is attributed to the crossing of two Siamese gene carriers long hair, probably inherited from an ancestor Angora.
Other experts say that this breed is a direct result of cross between Siamese and Angora.
The Balinese cat is a long body, equipped with good musculature. Her limbs are thin, and with the rear higher than front.
Her hair is long and thin as silk.
His head is long, with flat skull, muzzle and ears wide narrow, pointed. Her almond eyes and long thin tail, give it a very distinguished and mysterious aspect. nature Balinese Cat breed is very loyal to its owner. If you take a lot of love to one of the members of the family, is likely to show indifference to everyone else. She enjoys the outdoors. It is a cat expressive, friendly, intelligent, sociable and good for coexistence. But it is also little jealous and self-centered, making it impossible to live with other members of their species, except in some isolated cases. They also highlight its agile movements. It is an excellent climber and mountaineer. Care One of the basic care for the Balinese cat is brushed, at least once a week because your hair has a tendency to form knots and tangles. In times of change should be brushing once a day.

Balinese Cat

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The origin of the Angora is Turkey. Its name comes from the city of Angora (now Ankara).
There, the white copies, called Ankara kedi, are considered the traditional symbol of purity. To the Turkish people are true national treasures.

It has a slim, muscular hind legs are higher than the front.
The tail has a lot of hair and is usually lower than in the body. Root is also wide but finished in fine art,
has a small head and a pointed snout.
The ears are large and stiff, located quite high on the head and slightly pointed. The eyes are also large, oval and slightly slanted nature The Turkish Angora cat is an intelligent, active, loyal and affectionate. It's a cat that needs lots of love and great affection. It is a cat that likes water. It has a lively and extroverted character. It has a very independent nature and prefers to live with one person (despite accepting other family members). This situation is very common to have a family favorite, which he shows his affection, rubbing against his legs. Keep hunting instincts and loves to climb. In these situations shows his agility with smooth and precise movements.