Thursday, July 28, 2011


name comes from the state where it is native. And is that the Maine Coon breed is the only U.S. native. More specifically, as mentioned, the state of Maine. The breed was first discovered in 1861, but was not accepted until 1953.
maine coon

Physical Traits
The Maine Coon has a thick hair, short on the front legs and longer in the stomach and hind legs. Furthermore, the collar is very characteristic of hair on the neck.
It is a strong, muscular cat with a broad chest. Males are larger than females. It has a long tail, broad at the base tapering to reach the top. The Maine Coon cat weighs 14 kg. It has a large eye that can be of different colors. They may be green, gold, blue or even one eye of each color. Its broad head, but not great, ends in big ears, wide at base and pointed. Character is a cat who loves water. In fact, dabbles in it and even drink water with his paw. It is also a very observant and curious cat
gato maine coon
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