Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Monastery Its name comes from "La Grande Chartreuse." The legend says that this monastery monastery in medieval times developed two notable contributions to the world: One was the green liquor, and the other, the Chartreux cat.
These cats were used to control the plague of rats in the monasteries and hospitals. During the Second World War the breed almost became extinct, but recovered by crossing Persians with British Blue.
The Chartreux is a big cat, big shouldered and muscular and well developed chest. It has some great legs.
The head is broad and angular, with short, straight nose with a small elevator, narrow snout with smiling expression. The ears are small, medium to set high and slightly rounded.
The copper-colored eyes is one of the main characteristics of this cat peaceful and quiet. Character is a very docile cat and very easy to take home . It adapts well to all kinds of situations. cats are very soft, supple and refined. They have many qualities such as strength, intelligence and kindness. It is a very affectionate cat. Care With this race we must bear in mind the food. It must be very balanced and very abundant and have a tendency to obesity (especially neutered cats).
gato chartreux
chartreux race

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